All you need to know about GCU’s SIKE Hub

The mission of SIKE Hub GCU reflects GCU’s Strategy 2020 and overarching vision: to ‘have a global reputation for delivering social benefit and impact through education, research and social innovation’.

SIKE Hub works to reinforce GCU’s distinct position as the University for the Common Good that works to harness its intellectual, social and emotional capital, collaborate with others to find solutions to some of society’s most pressing challenges and deliver social benefit to the communities we serve. In particular, the university is committed to contributing to three major societal challenges across the world – building inclusive societies, living healthy lives and creating sustainable environments. As such, the mission of SIKE Hub directly aligns with GCU goals:

*       Transforming lives through education

*       Enriching cities and communities through research

*       Innovating for social and economic impact

*       Engaging globally

*       Aligning for the Common Good

The Hub also supports and enhances other existing GCU initiatives and projects, including U-Hatch, GCU Enactus, Careers (particularly the Work Experience Hub), Public and Community Engagement, the Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health and other research centres, the Masters in Social Innovation, Ashoka-U, as well the Common Good initiatives. Fundamentally, it will articulate GCU’s social innovation activities in a way that will attract national and international funding and ensure that the University’s maintains its reputation in a burgeoning area of policy making and investment.

To best enable maximum impact, meet stakeholder needs and align with wider institutional goals, the management team of the SIKE Hub explore a range of university-wide strategies and approaches including, but not limited to:

  • GCU providing scientific expertise (drawing from the schools and centres across the university)
  • GCU funding the wider activities of the SIKE Hub
  • GCU providing students with access to experts in order to create effective solutions
  • The delivery of services designed by SI organisations including The Melting Pot
  • Building on and enabling regional linkages with SI organisations to examine social innovation projects in action, further embedding GCU in the SI ecosystem
  • Driving university concept testing in SI organisations
  • Opportunity for students to gain practical experience
  • Considering curriculum changes and exploring the role of SIKE Hub in this process
  • GCU providing/ enabling specific support to the SIKE Hub, including:

o   Concept oversights

o   Development of projects

o   Monitoring

o   Formal and non-formal educational content

o   One on one coaching

o   Evaluation support

o   Various learning events

o   Organisation of workshops

o   Space for events and incubation

o   Connection to fellow start-up social innovators and potential partners

o   Offering specialised training and inspiration online in conjunction with FirstPort and Community Enterprise in Scotland

o   Specialised one to one support through First Port in-house

o   The Good Ideas programme with the Melting Pot through the Unit

For more information about GCU’s SIKE Hub and its current activities, please contact

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