A Return to Coworking – The Melting Pot

As places start to open up and lockdown measures are ease, some of our SIKE partners are explaining what the new normal looks like for them. Here’s what The Melting Pot are doing to keep safe.

The measures we’ve put in place to ensure The Melting Pot is a safe workspace include:

  • A new code of conduct that all members using the space will have to agree to
  • Setting up socially distanced work stations
  • Hand sanitiser stations throughout
  • A hiatus on venue hire – for now, the only people using the space will be members
  • Converting the Workshop Space and booths into additional work space
  • Preparing a risk assessment for employers
  • Adapting tea prep areas to be more touch free
  • A policy on mask use in communal areas

We wanted to create procedures that minimise risk and ease anxiety. Both for people who are rightly apprehensive of the new normal during this unprecedented health crisis and others who are finding the measures themselves distressing.

The hosting team will be ensuring the procedures are functioning well as we all return to sharing space.

Once we’re confident the measures are in good working order, we will open the doors of our community to new members once more. We will also be opening up membership of The Virtual Pot very soon.

This next stage of The Melting Pot is based on trust, respect and kindness.

As someone said during our focus session: “The Melting Pot can be a demonstration that we as a society can function effectively in this new way, between full-lockdown and the full socialising of the past. We can set an example that it is still possible to connect, safely.”

If you could do with some connection – whether in a new workspace or online – put your name down on our waiting list.

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