How has art and music helped SIX share knowledge of social change across the globe?

2020 was no ordinary year. So the SIX Wayfinder was no ordinary event. We transformed our 2 day conference into a 9-month project – a metaphorical symphony in four movements

Our metaphorical symphony became real. We commissioned six Artist-Composers (a harpist, a filmmaker, a jazz musician/tap dancer, a composer, a poet and a painter) who went from being individual creators who had never met, to a makeshift orchestra across continents and time zones. They gave further meaning to the Wayfinder content – we collected countless stories of pain, hope, and action, and the Artist-Composers helped us translate the dissonance and harmony in our global social innovation movement into their own forms of art and music.

Immerse yourself in the sounds, hopes, connections and memories of 2020 to re-energise as you head into the new year. We promise it will move you more than any post-event report!

Please join and listen to our final symphony, a 25 minute piece of original music, by registering here. Join us – on 19 February at 3PM GMT / 11PM SGT / 10am EST – for an immersive listening experience, as art becomes a bridge in social innovation, helping us wayfind by holding future vision while rooting in presence. We will introduce the work, then you can listen to the final symphony, followed by a chance to stay behind to chat with the artists.

Live moment with Fié Neo – Friday 12 February, 3pm – 4:30pm GMT

On Lunar New Year day, Fie will be hosting a live screening and Q&A about her visual composition of all the sounds we collected during our Wayfinder conversations. Register

Live moment with Eily Aurora – 16 February 2021 – 5 – 6pm GMT

Can plants sing? Eily will improvise with her harp with some of her house plants and share her journey of creating her individual music project. Bring your houseplants and kids! Register

Live moment with Corina Kwami – 17 February 2021, 6 – 7pm GMT

How can music and dance help us ‘wayfind’ forward? Join a live session with Corina Kwami, a jazz artist/tap dancer, to find out about what jazz and dance can teach us about wayfinding through the chaos of the present moment. Register

Live moment with Kandice Holmes – 18 February 2021, 4 – 5:30pm GMT [invitation-only]Kandice Holmes, a multi-disciplinary artist from London, will host an intimate conversation on her upcoming project ‘Commons Songbook’ bringing together artists and the commons movement. Email us

These unique workshops, events and interactions will delve into how social innovation needs creativity to thrive, how music and sound can help us navigate times of crisis to create meaning and to celebrate our new found connectivity we found in 2020. 

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