University of Deusto: The end of the European SIKE project is near

We are nearing the end of the European SIKE project, Social Innovation through Knowledge Exchange. The project that has a double objective; promoting social innovation and developing entrepreneurial social skills, started in January 2018 and will conclude in April 2021.

Yesterday the last meeting of the Advisory and Evaluating Committee took place, which was attended by Cristina San Salvador, Expansion and Program Development Manager at Ship2B foundation , Gotzon Bernaola, Director of Public Innovation at Innobasque and Jorge García del Arco Founder & CEO of Aquadat.

Garbiñe Henry and Roberta Vicente, presented the advances by the University of Deusto , while Javier Finez presented the advances of Business Innovation Brokers.

Since the project began in January 2018, we have achieved:

  • 15 social innovation projects at Innogune (2018-2020)
  • 14 social innovation projects in Bilbao (2018-2020)
  • 34 participants in the workshops
  • Average satisfaction in the workshops: 4.38 / 5 → great success
  • 10 participants in Evolve Competition
  • 120 users of TheGlocal
  • +450 people sensitized

Many thanks to the Committee for their valuable feedback and participation in the project!

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