Social Innovation Through Knowledge Exchange Showcase: ENGAGE

About this Event

We invite you to join us for the Non-HEI focused session of our Social Innovation Through Knowledge Exchange Showcase @14:00-15:00 CET.

The SIKE project is an Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance project that aims demonstrate the potential of universities to use their knowledge in order to affect social change in a direct and meaningful way.

The Partners – leading socially innovative universities and experienced social innovation drivers from the UK, Germany, Portugal, Croatia and the Basque Country – have been in collaboration over the last three years to create an ecosystem that nurtures and supports sustainable, resilient and responsible innovation.

In this session, we hear from each non-university partner on their role in the SIKE project, the work of their SIKE unit and how they have supported their Social Innovation ecosystem. We will also be asking them to cast their eyes back over the three year project and give us an insight into their main takeaways, challenges and learnings.

The event will be held online via Zoom, and you will be able to access the event five minutes ahead of the start time once registered.

*You can connect with us by registering on our collaboration space, GLOCAL, as well as checking out our Facebook and Twitter.*

Register here:

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