Deusto presents SIKE Project in the Basque Region of Álava to local authorities and social entrepreneurs.

The Municipal Business Center of Vitoria hosted on March 5, a new edition of
the Entrepreneurial Breakfasts of Álava Emprende under the theme of social
innovation and entrepreneurship.

From the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit of the University of Deusto, the
director Garbiñe Henry has presented the Deusto Model of Entrepreneurship
H4C3R, focused on the person, and the activities carried out within SIKE
project, and the training program that is taking place at the University of
Deusto during the spring semester of 2020.

Next, we had the opportunity to learn about some of the social entrepreneurship
initiatives that are being carried out in the Álava region.

Iker Ordoño introduced ARKIKUS, an app created by four young Basques that
allows you to see a reconstruction of historical buildings with your mobile screen
using virtual reality.

Sofía Rodríguez presented Psikopompo, a project to bring a cultural passion
(music, art, performing arts …) closer to older people, at home or in residences.
The project has evolved and also offers the service of creating «the story of
your life within a song.

The project of Guillermo Camacho aims to offer musicians the possibility of
buying artisan string instruments at more affordable prices, combining tradition
and new technologies, under the name of Camacho Instrumentos.
To conclude the event, Laura Rodríguez carried out a very original
performance to present her project, Gutxinaka Gutxinaka. A space of trust and
security for families in which we can experience, enjoy and learn together
through freedom of expression, movement and respect for the rhythms and
desires of children and ourselves.

It was a pleasure to learn about these initiatives and to be able to present SIKE
project at this Basque Region, in which a vibrant social innovation ecosystem is
being constructed.

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