Ever since WHO officially declared Coronavirus a pandemic and governments declared national emergencies and implemented lockdown policies including social isolation and social distancing, it has been clear that there is an urgent need and an opportunity to change our working practices. 

Working remotely, virtual mobility and online collaboration have become increasingly prevalent in recent years as tools are made available to us but it is only now that we have the opportunity to optimise their full potential.

Glocal makes all of this possible.

What is Glocal?

Described as “The Smart Network to Grow Your Community”, Glocal is an online platform specifically designed to facilitate networking, knowledge exchange, project management and so much more.  It allows users to connect with the people, projects, and organisations in the areas that matter to them most, whilst at the same time allowing them to manage their own teams and projects remotely.

Why use Glocal?

By signing up to Glocal users can:

  • Create an individual or company profile, to showcase their skills, experience, projects and work.
  • House their own projects and manage these in one central place.
  • Subscribe to thematic channels in order to receive personalised information.
  • Publish news, events, training activities and any other content to an ever growing community.  
  • Grow their network in order to connect with like-minded people.
  • Access resources to expand their knowledge and learn more about a particular topic.

Why is Glocal important for SIKE?

The SIKE group within the Glocal platform is the place to collaborate, learn and expand your network.  You will join the many others who have already signed up to connect with all SIKE partners, keep up to date with the project’s progress and access useful resources and tools. 

In light of the current situation, it is more important than ever for us to adapt to our new working conditions and learn collaborate remotely.  Amongst its library of tools, Glocal houses specific guidance on how to do this effectively.   

Knowledge Exchange is at the heart of the SIKE project, which is why bringing stakeholders together, no matter where they sit within the social innovation ecosystem, is invaluable.

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