How to open a SIKE unit

It is one of the intentions of the SIKE project to share the outline of the standard SIKE unit, in order that others can be inspired and guided into developing their own units in their own institutions.

This blueprint document gives more information about the SIKE units:

Position in the local social innovation ecosystem and regional mission: This section includes a space for every institution to reflect on their existing local social innovation ecosystem and the context they are working with (in). Furthermore, in a second step based on that, to define the specific mission/intention/objective and benefit the SIKE unit should have in these circumstances.

Strategic position within the HEI: This section includes recommendations of possible strategies and actions necessary for the implementation of a unit in a Higher Education Institution; and a description of the potential institutional limitations that might be encountered. It is based on the review of guidelines and best practices in social innovation support identified during the Preparation Phases (WPs 1&2)

Physical space: This section includes recommendations about the characteristics of the physical space for the operation of the SIKE unit.

Approach, operation and methodologies: This section includes recommendations about the operation of the SIKE unit and which methodologies and approaches could be used to support the achievements of its main goals.

SIKE unit-specific activities: There are a number of specific activities developed by the SIKE Project that may be integrated within as part of the SIKE unit model development and maintenance. These include: 1) Support social innovation through knowledge exchange 2) Stimulate social entrepreneurial skills within the University and the local community 3) Develop extracurricular and curricular modules for professional development in social innovation.

Download the SIKE blueprint document here

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