Introducing SIKE at Eu-SPRI 2019 in Rome

Eu-SPRI (Studies of Policies for Research and Innovation) is one of the most important research consortia on science, technology and innovation in Europe. Members and associates of the network meet annually. This year, the Eu-SPRI conference took place in Rome from the 5th to the 7th of June. Dmitri Domanski and Jürgen Howaldt from TU Dortmund University were invited to present their research results and current projects.

The opening event of the conference took place in the impressive lecture hall of the National Research Council in the center of Rome. The economist and former Italian Minister of Social Affairs and Employment Enrico Giovannini welcomed the participants and emphasized the outstanding importance of the European Union with regard to the sustainable societal development in Europe.

Within the course of the presentation “Social Innovation – Opportunity and Challenge for Universities and SSH”, Dmitri Domanski and Jürgen Howaldt focused on the role of science and specifically of universities as well as research institutes with regard to the development of social innovation. Particular attention was drawn to new opportunities for social science innovation research to actively participate in shaping social transformation processes. Against this background, the project SIKE was presented in its meaning for the third mission of Higher Education Institutions. Thereby, the so called “SIKE Units” – physical spaces that are located in universities and aim at supporting the development of social innovation – took center stage of the presentation. 

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